Art by Karl Kwasny.

Karl Kwasny is a australian designer (currently liven in New York) with special skills on illustration, typography and calligraphy. His work is very inspiring since he mix the art of illustration and calligraphy with ornaments finishing with a very remarkable work of typography. He also make a lot of plain illustrations, but here are some selected typographic and calligraphic works. 

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The 23 Best Infographics We Found In 2011

As infographics go mainstream, infographic designers grow bolder. Some of the most tantalizing projects we came across this past year stretched our understanding of what a data visualization can be: It can be a set of interactive commuter-train maps plotted not according to distance but time. It can be a metaphorical chart of how water flows from the source to the consumer. It can be the spikes and dips of the Dow Jones Industrial Average rendered as notes on a musical scale. Infographics have clearly evolved into something greater than just a way to make raw numbers more enticing. They’re a full-blown art form.

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High speed water drop photography  by Markus Reugels 

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Verbosity has never been an attribute of good communication.


SOPA Cabana, Dan Bull’s brilliant rap about the evils of SOPA, which are indeed clear and present

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